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User Guide

1. Overview

Magento 2 Store Credit extension is a useful tool that can help fasten the refund process and increase customer loyalty. Accordingly, you can refund by store credit right into Customer Account. Customers can spend the credit on later purchases.

Besides refund, you can adjust the store credit wallet as wished - It is all based on your marketing purposes.


2. How Does It Work?

2.1 General configs

Please go to Store ⇒ Configuration ⇒ BSSCommerce ⇒ Store Credit.

Store Credit General Settings

In Enabled: choose Yes to enable the extension.

In Use Store Credit in Checkout Page: choose Yes to allow customers to apply store credit to pay for the order on the checkout page, or No to not allow.

Store Credit in Checkout

In Use Store Credit in Shopping Cart: choose Yes to allow customers to apply store credit to pay for order on the shopping cart page, or No to not allow.

Store Credit in Shopping Cart

In Allow Applying Store Credit to Shipping:

  • Choose Yes to allow applying store credit to pay for shipping fee, if the customer applies a store credit value in the shopping cart or checkout page more than the order total.
  • Choose No to not allow using store credit to pay for fees even if the customer applies a store credit value more than the order total.

In Allow Applying Store Credit to Tax: choose Yes to allow applying store credit to pay for tax, or No to not allow. This function operates the same as the "Allow Applying Store Credit to Shipping” function.


+ If you disable both “Use Store Credit in Checkout Page” and “Use Store Credit in Shopping Cart”, there aren’t fields to enter store credit value, shipping fee can’t be paid by store credit even if you enable or disable this config.

+ To display Store Credit in the Shopping cart and the Checkout page, refunds on the credit card (2.3) or updated credit in the backend (2.5) are required first.

+ If the value entered in Apply Store Credit box is bigger than the order total in the shopping cart or checkout page, the payment method options will be hidden.


+ If you choose checkout with another currency (not base currency), the Order Summary is displayed with this currency.

2.2 Email configs

In Store Credit Update Email Template: select an email template to send customers information about store credit update.

You can go to Marketing ⇒ Email Templates to edit or add a new email template as you want.

In Store Credit Update Email Sender: select an available email sender of your website.

Remember to Save config.

*Note: The email update store credit will show 2 currencies if you checkout without base currency.

2.3 Refund to Store Credit

When creating credit memos, you can choose Refund to Store Credit option to transfer the refund to customer store credit.

Refund by Store Credit

2.4 Apply Store Credit for backend orders

When creating orders from the backend, you can also apply for the Store Credit.

Store Credit for Backend Orders

2.5 Manage Store Credit balances

Choose a specific account under Customers and open Store Credit under that account.

In Statistic, you can update track and update the value of store credit and notify customers to come back soon to spend the credit.

Manage Store Credit

  • In Balance section, you can update the store credit balance of the customer.
  • Website: select a website to update store credit on this website. Please make sure that you Shared Customer Accounts globally to associate the account to all websites. (go to Store ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Customers ⇒ Customer Configuration ⇒ Account Sharing Options, in Share Customer Accounts, select Global option)
  • Update Value: enter a number to update store credit amount, add – in the number prefix to subtract the store credit balance.
  • Comment: add a comment about store credit update
  • Notify Customer: choose Yes to send customer notification email about store credit update, or No to not send.

In History, you can view store credit transaction history of the customer in a grid. This grid includes:

History of Creditt Transactions

*Notes: The Statistic and History section are also displayed in the customer information page in the frontend for the customer.

2.6 Track Store Credit transactions

2.6.1 Store Credit Transaction

Please go to Admin Panel ⇒ BSS STORE CREDIT ⇒ Transactions to view information of all store credit transactions in your site.

Store Credit Transactions

  • Transaction ID column: number of transaction.
  • Customer column: customer name linked to customer information page in the backend.
  • Email column: email of the omer.
  • Balance Change column: the amount of store credit was added or subtracted.
  • Balance column: store credit balance after the transaction took place
  • In Action column: the action makes store credit balance change
  • Date column: the specific time and date that the transaction happened.
  • Additional Info column: more information about the transaction, you can click on links to view orders or credit memos.

2.6.2 Summary Store Credit Transaction Chart Report

Open Report under BSS STORE CREDIT.

The chart displays the summary store credit increment and decrements on your site, you can set the duration time and select to view the report of store credit by day, month or year.

This module works well with multiple websites, you can see the detailed report of each website by selecting one in the website config.

Press the Refresh button to view the chart exported from your settings.


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