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User Guide

1. Overview

Configurable Product Matrix View for Magento 2 creates a matrix form for configurable products including unlimited custom options. With the help of Configurable Product Matrix View for Magento 2, store owners can target wholesale customers effectively because they can purchase your products in a large quantity without repeating this process. Therefore, owners will have more chances to boost up their sales and retain customers for a better shopping experience in the site.

2. How Does It Work?

2.1. Functions

  • Show configurable product as a matrix form so customers just need to enter quantity and add all selected products to cart at once.

Matrix View

  • In case that configurable product has more than 2 attributes, it will get 2 last attributes of configurable product to present in the matrix form.

More than 2 attributes

  • Show Price Range for configurable product.
  • Display Unit Price, Special Price, Stock Status and Stock Quantity in the table. Especially, the module supports showing Tier Price as tooltips when customers click on quantity box.
  • Automatically calculate total price when choosing quantity.
  • Work well with configurable product having many attributes.
  • Support default swatch function with clickable options.
  • Work well with all types of custom options.
  • Configure to enable matrix view for particular configurable products

Configurable for each product

  • Configure Matrix View for each attribute:

atttribute set up

  • In an attribute backend, if you set Yes for Matrix View configuration, then the Matrix View will get 2 last attributes as we mentioned above.
  • If you set No for it, then this attribute cannot be displayed in the Matrix View, and our module will get another attribute right above it in the configurable product configuration.

2.2. How to configure

general config Go through Stores Configuration BSS Commerce Configurable Product Matrix View.

  • Enabled: choose Yes to enable the module.
  • Sort AttributeOption:
      • Default: the attribute will be sort as you set in the backend.
      • A-Z: the attribute will be sort as alphabet.
  • Show Tier Price: choose Yes if you want to show Tier Price as tooltips when customers click into quantity box. If not, then choose No.
  • Show Price Range: choose Yes to show Price Range of ConfigurableProduct.

Actually it will check Normal Price at first. This configuration will show the lowest and the highest price of children products if they have different normal prices. In case children products have the same normal prices (even they have different special price) then Price Range will not display.

  • Show Unit Price: choose Yes if you want to show Unit Price of children products in the matrix view. If not, choose No.
  • Show Total Price: choose Yes to show TotalPrice.
  • Show Stock Quantity: if you want to show Stock number and stock status, please choose Yes. If not, then select No.
  • Flush Configurable Product Page Cache: The default is set to No. If you want to flush configurable product page cache after placed orders, untick the Use system value, then turn the configuration to Yes.

NOTE: After updating stock of one product or disable a product, it is required to reindex data. Please follow System Index Management.

  • Expand Mass Actions box and choose Select All

Select all

  • Then, select Reindex Data in Actions tab and Submit

Reindex data

  • Show Quantity Increase/Decrease Buttons: choose Yes to display Increase/Decrease buttons in the quantity box in matrix form, so customers can select quantity conveniently. If you don’t, choose No.
  • Advanced Tier PriceCalculation:
  • Choose Yes: total amount is based on tier price of total quantity of children products added to cart.


  • This feature is only applied to children products having the same tier prices. That means: if a configurable product has 50 children products, all 50 children products need to have the same tier price.
  • If there is at least 1 children product does not have tier price or have different tier price with others, this feature will not be applied.

For example, tier price of buying 1-9 Black-S shirt, 1-9 Gray-S shirt is similarly $45. Tier price of buying 10-more for every children product is $40. Therefore, when you buy 3 Black-S shirts and 7 Black-XL shirts, tier price is $40/shirt. The total amount is now$400.

Choose No: total quantity will take default tier price, which means that the total amount is calculated by the tier prices of each children product multiply to total quantity of each chosen children product.

For the above example, when using Magento default tier price calculation, the total amount is determined as $450 because it is calculated based on each tier price of each children product (Tier price is equal to $45/shirt)

  • Enable for Customer Groups: select which customer groups you want to apply this Configurable Product Matrix View for Magento 2 extension.

2.3. Some notes about the display in the frontend

  • The module has checked quantity conditions of children products when they are chosen and added to cart. In case having an error, it will show red mark and a tooltip to notify about the error.

Frontend display

  • If a child product having custom options is disabled, it will become a blank in the table. In case, you disable all children products having the same option of an attribute, then this option will not be displayed, it also will not show an empty row or column in the Matrix View table.

Disabled custom option

  • Edit/Update products from cart will redirect to the product page as the default.
  • You can add products to cart even when the subtotal does not meet Minimum Order Amount requirement.

Add to cart

If you want more information about Configurable Products, check it out:

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