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User Guide

1. Overview

Configurable Product Wholesale Display for Magento 2 displays all associated products in a grid table view to add multiple children products at once.

This extension absolutely deserves to be a brilliant solution for any Magento site for selling large quantity, like B2B websites.

2. How Does It Work?

2.1 In the frontend

Configurable Wholesale Display

  • Show Price Range for configurable products.
  • Show associated products in a grid table with custom options, for example, color and size
  • Show SKU, Availability, Unit Price, Tier Price, and Subtotal in this grid table. Especially, Tier Price is shown in tooltips when hovering.
  • Work well with Color swatch function of Magento default with clickable options.
  • Support all type of custom options.

2.2 In the backend

Go through Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ BSSCommerce ⇒ Configurable Product Wholesale Display.

General settings

  • Enabled: choose Yes to enable the extension.
  • Display Attributes: choose attributes to show in the grid table as wished.
  • Display StockNumber: choose Yes to show the number of stock in the grid table. Choose No, it will show stock status: In stock or Out of stock.
  • Advanced TierPrice:

+ Choose Yes then the total amount is based on tier price of the total quantity of children products added to cart.

This feature is only applied if all added children products having the same tier prices.

For example, the tier price of buying 1-9 Black-S shirt, 1-9 Gray-S shirt is similarly $45. Tier price of buying 10-more for every children product is $40.  If you buy 3 Black-S shirts and 7 Black-XL shirts, tier price is now $40/shirt. The total amount is now $400.

+ Choose No: total quantity will take the default tier price. The total amount is calculated by tier prices of each children product multiply to the total quantity of each chosen children product.

For the above example, when using Magento default tier price calculation, the total amount is determined as $450 because it is calculated based on each tier price of each children product (Tier price is equal to $45/shirt)

  • PriceRange: choose Yes if you want to display Price Range for the configurable product above the table.
  • Ajax Load: choose Yes to load wholesale display table by using Ajax


For version 1.1.1, there is another configuration in the product setting, called BSS Configurable Product Wholesale Ajax Load as below. The extension takes priority to the configuration for each product over the general setting.

Ajax per product

Also, choose groups to enable Configurable Product Wholesale Display

Choose group for Wholesale Display

  • Hide Price on Table for Customer Groups: choose which customer groups you want to hide price.
  • Enable for Customer Groups: choose which customer groups to show this wholesale display.

You can also custom the design of the table (for responsive purposes)

Responsive configurable wholesale display

  • Header Row Background Color: pick one color that suits your page’s design
  • Header Row Text Color: pick the color of the text
  • Enabled Mobile Display: choose Yes to make the table responsive on mobiles
  • Display Mobile Attributes: choose attributes to show in the grid table view for mobiles
  • Enabled Tablet Display: choose Yes to make the table responsive on tablets.
  • Display Tablet Attributes: choose attributes you want to show in the grid table on tablets.

2.3. Choose the order of attributes

The order of custom attributes shown in configurable product wholesale display is based on the order of selected attributes when you create the configurable product.

For example, you create the Hero Hoodie with two custom options: size and color. Here you see the size is arranged above the color:

Create configurable product

Hence, in the product page, size options are above the color options.

Order of Product Attributes

If you want to change this order, just move the color to above the size to below. Remember to Save changes.

If you want more information about Configurable Products, check it out:

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