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Theme Compatibility

Our team has been trying the best to make our B2B extension compatible with as many Magento 2 themes as possible. 

The theme compatibility is quite dispensable for every B2B online business to guarantee a smooth operation on the website: eliminate any conflicts and bugs that cause shopping inconvenience for customers. 

Here is a list of Magento 2 themes that are entirely compatible with our B2B extension package: 

No.Magento 2 ThemesPatch used for theme compatibility
2Codazon Fastest
3 ArtFurniture
4 Athlete2

* Note: For any B2B online websites which are using Magento 2 Porto theme, you can try our demo to see how our B2B extension work with this theme.


We still keep working to make compatibility with more Magento 2 themes on the market. Don’t forget to check out the latest news on the product page of Magento 2 B2B extension!

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