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Existing Issues

During the support and customization as well as function update, we discovered some existing issues you need to take notice when using this extension in some specific cases:

  • Product types:

+ Prices of options are not converted based on currency rate. Price values are similar to prices in the default configs, just currency symbols are changed

+ Bundle product with dynamic price: Prices of a bundle product after selecting options on the product page are based on base price or special price of each store view, or tier prices of the whole website. (tier prices of each store view are not applied until the product is added to cart). 

+ Bundle product with fixed price: Price of parent product can be various per store view, but prices of custom options are the same between store views. 

  • Category and Search page

Arranging and displaying products based on prices is not correct.

  • Compare page

There are errors in product display on this page. 

  • Sale reports

At All store views, prices in Sale reports are not shown with the base currency of Default config.

  • Don't support store credit and gift card (for EE) 

We have been trying our best to solve all of these issues as soon as possible to make the best module for your store and other merchants over the world.  Please keep update with us to receive the latest news about fixes! 

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