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User Guide

1. Overview

Import/Export Product Reviews for Magento 2 extension helps store owners to quickly import and export all product reviews via a CSV file.

This CSV file includes a lot of necessary information such as customer names, review titles, review details, product SKUs, rating options, and so on.  Therefore, store owners can assign reviews for each customer, each product, and also determine review status when importing.

After importing, reviews are displayed in the front end and store owners can easily manage reviews in some sections of the backend.

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2. How Does It Work?

Please go to System ⇒ Import by BSS and select Product Review in the drop-down list of Entity Type.


2.1. In Import Product Reviews

Before you import product reviews via the CSV file, you need to prepare a CSV file with enough necessary information.

You can download this CSV sample file by clicking Download Sample File. Then you open this file and fill in fields:


There are required data fields for you to complete such as review titles, review details, status, customer nicknames, product SKU, and rating options. If you don't finish this information, you cannot import product reviews at all.

For Date: Follow the right format "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss".

For Status: Enter Approved/ Disapproved. If you don't enter the right format, status is automatically Disapproved after being imported.

For Rating options: fill in ratings for products with the format: "rating_code1:number, rating_code2: number, rating_code3: number".

For example: "Quality:5, Price:4, Service:4".

(*Note: In case you enter a new rating code that is not available in Ratings section of the backend, you can still import reviews and this rating type is automatically created in the backend.)

For Type: there are 3 types - Admin, Customer, and Guest. If you don't enter the right format, the module will change customer type into Guest or the review is created by a Guest.

For Customer ID: If you don't enter customer ID or enter the wrong format, the module will change customer type into Guest.

For Store View Code: Fill in store view code.

*Note: If you want to import product reviews for multiple store views, just separate them by character |

For example: default|eng

For Review ID:

  • You cannot import reviews if you enter the wrong format.
  • In case you leave Review ID of a review blank and all of its remaining data is not similar to those of the available reviews shown in the frontend, the module will add this review with a new Review ID. (If there are some similar data to those of available reviews, the module still adds this review with a new Review ID).
  • In case you leave Review ID of a review blank and all of its remaining data is the same as those of available reviews, the module will take it as an existing row.
  • In case you enter a Review ID that is similar to an existed Review ID, the module will automatically update the product review based on one review ID.
  • If Review ID is greater than the maximum review ID in the database, the module will still add this new review.

For Store View Code: you enter the code of store view you want to add reviews into. If you enter the wrong format, the module will change into Default Store View.

*Note: The CSV file size does not exceed 2MB.

When you finish the CSV file, just select it and click Check Data to validate the CSV file. 


If your file does not contain any errors, the Import Product Reviews button appears to click and start the import process.

After you import the CSV file, there are messages to notify:

  • Successfully import with the number of inserted rows
  • The number of existing rows or invalid rows

After importing, you can manage these added reviews in:

  • Admin → Product page →Product reviews
  • Admin → Customer page → Product reviews
  • Admin → Marketing → User content → Reviews
  • Admin → Report → Reviews

*NOTE: You can also import product reviews by using this following method:

  • Upload the CSV file to "var/import/reviews" folder
  • Run this command in Magento root folder:

php bin/magento bss:reviews:import import/reviews/sample.csv

2.2. In Export Product Reviews

Just click Export Product Reviews button to get a CSV file with all data of product reviews on the Magento 2 website.

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