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Import Tier Price Per Store View

Step 1: Get the export file

  • Download the sample CSV file here
  • Open the downloaded CSV file
  • There are 5 important attributes: SKU, store_view_code, customer_group,tier_price_qty,tier_price

Step 2: Get the SKU of a product you want to import price

  • Go to Product ⇒ Catalog ⇒ Manage Products
  • Then choose a product you want to import price to get its SKU

Step 3: Get store view code and paste in CSV file

  • Get store view code: Store ⇒  All stores ⇒ choose a store view to get its code

Step 4: Prepare CSV file

  • Open the CSV file
  • Fill the information as you want
  • Save the CSV file

Step 5: Import the CSV file to the site

  • Go to System ⇒ Data Transfer ⇒ Import
  • In Import Settings, choose Bss Advanced Pricing for Entity Type
  • In Import Behavior, choose Add/Update
  • In File to import, select a CSV file to import
  • Click Check Data and then click Import

There will be a note shown up: File is valid! To start the import process press “Import” button

It is the end of the import price process for multiple store views.

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