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Installation Guide

After finishing purchasing process, we will immediately send you an email containing the link to download this extension.

(Please turn off Merge-JS before installing the module. Only Turn on Merge-JS when finishing the installation).

1. Common Installation

Step 1:

Unzip the file.

Step 2:

Create another directory called app/code/Bss/Simpledetailconfigurable/. Simpledetailconfigurable is the module's internal identifier. You can find it in the "composer.json" file in the extension ZIP file you downloaded, look at the node "psr-4".

This is what you call the directory, and then you put the contents of the extension ZIP file in there.

Step 3:

Upload the directory app/code/Bss/Simpledetailconfigurable/ into the root directory of your Magento installation. The root directory of Magento is the directory that contains the directories "app", "bin", "lib" and more. All directories should match the existing directory structure.

Step 4:

Go to Magento 2 root directory.

Run: php bin/magentosetup:upgrade.

Step 5:

Run: php bin/magentosetup:static-content:deploy.

Step 6:

Clear all Caches.

2. Install via Composer

As you might know, BSS Commerce supports installing extensions via Composer. Read this guide to know how to implement installation quickly.

For Simple Details on Configurable Product (or module branches with multiple versions), the instruction is a little bit different from that general guide. Hence, we provide you with another guide to help you install the module via Composer in the right way.

When you update code of module in the branch, you need to run this command for new code update:

composer require <package-name>:dev-<branch-name> --prefer-dist

In which:

Branch-name: corresponds to the Magento edition/version that the module supports.

For example:

composer require bsscommerce/simple-detail-configurable:dev-M2.2-M2.3.2 --prefer-dist

Current branches of Simple Detail on Configurable Product:

  • M2.2 - M2.3.2 
  • M2.3.2 and above

3. Install/Uninstall/Disable the Hyva Theme Compatibility package

The following instruction is used for the Hyva theme compatibility package ONLY.

  • To install the Hyva compatibility package:

1. Install via composer, run commands:

- composer require hyva-themes/magento2-bsscommerce-simple-detail-configurable

2. Install via gitlab, run commands:

- composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-compat-module-fallback git

- composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-bsscommerce-simple-detail-configurable git

- composer require hyva-themes/magento2-bsscommerce-simple-detail-configurable:dev-main

- Finally, run command: php bin/magento s:up

  • To disable the Hyva compatibility package, run commands: 

- php bin/magento module:disable Hyva_BssSimpledetailconfigurable

  • To uninstall the Hyva compatibility package, run commands:

- composer remove hyva-themes/magento2-bsscommerce-simple-detail-configurable


After purchasing this module, just add our skype account at support.bsscommerce, BSS Support Team will help you to install this extension immediately. Further assistance is available via Email and Skype.

In case you have followed all above steps but the extension still doesn’t work properly, you can delete the file or change the module’s filename to keep your website function as normal. Then please contact us via or Skype: support.bsscommerce, our supporters will assist you in resolving any issues within 24 hours.

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