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Installation Guide

Before installing this PWA add-on, you must guarantee that your website has installed the PWA theme to make the PWA add-on work well.

Let’s follow these steps to install Magento 2 PWA add-on Size Chart:

Step 1: Go to the project folder: root(folder magento)/pwa-studio

Step 2: Install popup and command line: npm install reactjs-popup --save

Step 3: Go to the folder:: packages/theme(ví dụ pwa-bss, simicart, scandipwa)/src/lib/components *Note: If there is no src/lib/components folder, you need to create a new one.

  • Create a BssCore folder and put all code into this folder. (Skip if this folder exists in your website)
  • Create a BssSizeChart folder and put all the code into it.

Step 4: Edit the file: packages/theme(ví dụ pwa-bss, simicart, scandipwa)/webpack.config.js Insert this code in front of the return config; line:

const path = require('path');

    // Plugin to override components

    const NormalModuleOverridePlugin = require('./src/lib/components/BssCore/plugins/normalModuleOverrideWebpackPlugin');

    // Overwrite components mapping

    const parentPackagePath = path.resolve(process.cwd() + '/../venia-ui');

    const componentOverrideMapping = {

        [`${parentPackagePath}/lib/components/ProductFullDetail/productFullDetail.js`]: 'src/lib/components/BssSizeChart/productFullDetail.js'


    // Push the override plugin


        new NormalModuleOverridePlugin(componentOverrideMapping)


As a result, the code should look like as below: *Note: If the above code already exists, you just need to edit this code snippet as the following image:

[`${parentPackagePath}/lib/components/ProductFullDetail/productFullDetail.js`]: 'src/lib/components/BssSizeChart/productFullDetail.js'

The code will look like as below: Step 5: Run the command line to finish the installation:

yarn watch
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