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Why do I need more than one registration form on my website?

If your website is serving both B2B and B2C customers, it is essential to manage their access in the first place for better service quality. 

With our B2B/Wholesale Solution app, you can easily classify your customers by creating another registration form, letting both the Shopify default form and the custom form work together on your website. For example, the Shopify default form will work as a form for normal customers, meanwhile, you can send a custom registration form privately to your B2B wholesalers and manage their information from the form.

You can try our demo store to see how the custom registration form works.

Moreover, our app provides additional custom fields such as Multiple Checkbox; Date Field; Header; Number; Radio Options; Dropdown Selection(s); Text Field; Text Area; and EU VAT Validation so that you can get more of your customers. 

Also, the Upload File field allows businesses to upload relevant files (such as the company portfolio). Allowed file types are .csv, .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .mp3, .png, .pdf, .wav, .xls, .xlsx, .zip, .txt, .mp4 and the file must not exceed 2MB.

Our app also supports auto-add tags in the registration form, which you can assign newly-registered accounts to desired tag(s) by creating filter conditions based on their name, email, or custom fields in the Auto-add Tags feature. 

Therefore, if you plan to expand your business and manage customers easily, our B2B/Wholesale Solution app is an effective solution to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

This feature is available on Essential plan ($25/mon) and Advanced plan ($50/mon).

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