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How can customers edit their information?

Now, customers who were registered by Registration form are able to edit their information.

Enable feature

To enable this feature, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Registration Form > RF Install and copy the code below

Step 2: Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Theme > Edit code. Find theme file of the account page to insert the code. It could be /templates/customers/account.liquid or /section/main-account.liquid

Step 3: After finding the right file, insert the copied code to make the feature work. I strongly recommend you insert it below {{ customer.default_address | format_address }}

Step 4: Double-check your storefront to make sure the feature works correctly. If it displays like this, it worked.

Customer edit information

Step 1: Click Edit Information

Step 2: Re-submit the form and click Save

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