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How to set Custom Price List for each product?

If you want to setup the Custom Pricing for each product & different customer groups without creating many Custom Pricing rules, here is the quick instruction of setting up Price List per Customer:

(This feature is available to Platinum Plan - $100/month)

1. Enable "Custom Pricing" module in Dashboard

To let the Custom Pricing works on your theme, please enable the module in Dashboard.


Note: You can follow the Installation Guide in "CP Installation" tab if the module is not working


2.  Setup the Price List per Customer rule

Firstly, go to the "Price List per Customer" tab and click "Create new rule"

Secondly, enter the general information and choose the customer group you want to apply the Price List (All / Logged-in / Not-logged-in / specific customers / Customer tags)

You can also exlude some customers in the selected groups by using customer tags exclusion

In addition, you can set the Start Date and End Date for this Price List


Next, select the products you want to custom their price

Select the products and click "Done"

Set up the Price List to the products. You can choose the price calculation options:

  • Apply a price
  • Decrease a fixed amount
  • Decrease in percentage


3. Save the Price List rule and View the result on Online Store:

Once the setup is finished, please click "Save" button. The Price List rule will appear in the Gird rules

You can check the result on Online Store:

a. Product #1: Apply a fixed price: 15000 VNĐ
  • Non-Applied Customers: 20000 VNĐ

  • Applied Customers: 15000 VNĐ

b. Product #2: Decrease a fixed amount: 1000
  • Non-Applied Customers: 20000 VNĐ

  • Applied Customers: 19000 VNĐ

b. Product #3: Decrease in percentage: 20%
  • Non-Applied Customers: 1000 VNĐ

  • Applied Customers: 800 VNĐ



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