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How to create a Variant Order rule?

Multi Product Variant Order module allows your customers to order multiple variants and quantities of the same product in just one click.

You can set it up in our B2B Wholesale Solution App: Premium Plan ($50/month).

This instruction is for your reference.

1. Enable & Install The Function

Firstly, to make sure the Variant Order rule will work, you need to enable it.

Please go to Apps > B2B Customer Portal > Dashboard and enable the Multi Product Variants Order feature. 

Then, install it by go to Multi Product Variants Order > Installation > Install

2. Create The Rule

On the left panel, please scroll down to Multi Product Variants Order > VO Rules > Create new rule.

2.1. Enable The Rule

  • Enter the name and the priority of the rule so that you can manage it later.
  • Set the status to Enable.

2.2. Choose Products:

Only choose products & customers you want to apply the rule.
For example, you may want to apply Variant Order to a product collection named “Summer Collection”, or a specific product. In addition, customer accounts that have tag "b2b" can only see this variant order.

3. Check out how this feature works in the frontend

The Variant Order table has now appeared in the frontend, thereby your customers can bulk order at ease.

Hope the guide is helpful and let us know at if you need further help from us.

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