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How does Company Account work? An example workflow

Company Account helps B2B Wholesale customers simplify purchasing processes across their company.

This feature is available in B2B Customer Portal App from Advanced Plan ($25/month).

In this article, the author will explain the function of each role in Company Account and provide an example workflow.

  • Role functions

There are three main roles in Company Account: Store Owner, Manager Account and Sub-user Account.

Store Owner can approve/remove Manager Accounts from their store.

Manager Account can:

  • Invite Sub-user Accounts
  • Share shopping cart with Sub-user Account
  • Accept shopping cart shared by Sub-user Account

Sub-user Account can:

  • Accept the invitation from Manager Account
  • Share shopping cart with Manager Account
  • Accept shopping cart shared by Manager Accounts

  • An example workflow

Company C wants to buy products from store S at wholesale price. The manager from company C has two staff: Purchase Agent and Accountant. Store S uses Customer Portal to let wholesalers buy products at ease.

Because, usually, the ones who add products to cart are not those checking out and paying for them, Manager wants Purchase Agent to choose products to buy, and after the Manager approves the list, the Accountant will pay for them.

This is how the aforementioned case will work:

First, Store S will approve a Manager Account for Manager from company C from the app. Then Manager will invite Purchase Agent and Accountant as his/her Sub-user Accounts. The Purchase Agent will add products to his cart and share his cart with the Manager. If the Manager approves the product list, the Manager will share Purchase Agent’s cart with Account, who will eventually check out and pay for the products.


Accounts creation:

Workflow: How cart is shared via Company Accounts

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