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Compatible Payment Methods

As a Magento extension provider, we know that payment method compatibility is vital for every website to guarantee checkout experience and reduce the abandoned cart rate.

For Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension, we always make the best effort every day to update compatibility with various payment methods. It is a strong belief that our continuous attempts surely satisfy your demands and boost up your business performance.

Here is the list of payment methods that are compatible with our Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension:

  • Amazon Payment
  • Paypal, Paypal Braintree, Paypal Express Checkout, Paypal Payflow Pro & PayPal Payment Flow CreditCard
  • Pay by Credit Eway
  • Splitit Card-Based Installment Payment Solutions
  • NMI payment Direct Post
  • Sagepay payment (Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite)
  • Zalopay
  • Pay by Card (Stripe), Credit Card
  • Online banking, etc.
  • Stripe Official

This list never stops here! We are still on the way to test and make our module compatible with more and more payment methods. Let's keep updated with us!

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