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User Guide

1. Overview

ANZ eGate Payment Gateway for Magento 2 extension is developed to integrate ANZ eGate into Magento 2 sites to allow credit card processing right on the sites. This module provides one more secure and reliable payment method supporting many credit types for customers to choose.

2. How Does It Work?

Please go to Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Sales ⇒ Payment Method.

In the Payment Method, you go to ANZ Egate to begin setting up:

general settings of Magento 2 ANZ eGate Payment Gateway extension

In Enabled: choose Yes to enable this module or choose No to disable it.

In Title: You type the name of the payment method displayed on your site (in the Payment section of the checkout page).

In Test mode: choose Yes to set up module in the test mode status, otherwise choose No.

In New Order Status: you pick up an order status that is displayed after these orders are successfully placed by customers.

In Merchant Id, Access Code and Secure Hash Secret: These are your account information in ANZ eGate.

choose countries ti apply ANZ payment gateway

In Payment from Applicable Countries: You can select all countries allowed to apply this payment method or select some specific countries.

In Payment from Specific Countries: If you choose some specific countries to apply this payment to in the previous section, you can pick up your own countries from the drop-down list in this filed.

In Instructions: you can type some text to explain or describe more about this payment method. For example: Place Order to redirect to ANZ eGate website.

In Sort Order: you choose the order of this payment method on the checkout page.

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