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Can I add multiple badges on a product?

First, you should know how to use the app basically. Read this for more information: How to use Product Labels/Badges

This feature is available for the Advanced plan ($10) and the Platinum plan ($20). 

To add multiple badges on a product, on CONFIGURATION tab, click on the Select Badge button and choose Select multiple badges

You can choose as many as badges as you want (The max quantity is 30).

Next, you can choose the badge position as follows. Also, you can choose specific positions to show badges by using custom selector.

- Below Product Name

- Below Product Image

- Below Product Price

- Below Add to cart button

- Below Quantity box

- Below Buy it now button

You can also add the header text for your badges

Make sure your settings are correct and click Save.

Here is how it looks in the online store:

Let us know at or via Live Chat if you need further help.

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