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User Guide

1. Overview

Magento Configurable Product Matrix View extension is one of three kinds of display for configurable products which are developed by BSSCommerce. This extension helps administrators to create a matrix form for configurable products with two attributes including unlimited custom options. Attributes are put in a column and a row and options are combined together to make a complete children product. Moreover, stock numbers are displayed in the matrix form to let customers know about product availability and also enable store owners to take control in supplying products timely.

With the help of Magento Configurable Product Matrix View, store owners can target wholesale customers effectively because they can purchase your products in a large quantity without repeating this process. Therefore, owners will have more chances to boost up their sales and retain customers for a better shopping experience in the site. In addition, this module is especially good for inventory management with stock numbers direct displayed in the matrix form.

2. How Does It Work?

You go to System ⇒ Configuration ⇒ BSSCOMMERCE ⇒ Configurable Matrix View

General settings of Magento Configurable Product Matrix View

In Enabled: Choose Yes to enable the module or choose No to disable it in your site In Enabled jQuery Library:

    • Choose Yes to enable jQuery Library to run things related to jQuery.
    • Choose No if your site already has jQuery Library already because it will cause some conflicts

In Display Stock Number:

    • Choose Yes to show the stock number in the matrix form
    • Choose No to hide them In Display Out of Stock Status:
    • If you choose Yes, out of stock products are still shown in the matrix form and stock numbers are equal to 0

Show the stock number in Magento Configurable Product Matrix View

    • If you choose No, customers cannot choose these products due to no quantity box to select and also the stock number is not displayed.

Not show out-of-stock number on Magento Configurable Product Matrix View

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