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Installation Guide

If you want to use the Hyva Compatibility package of some modules, you need to install Bss_HyvaCompatBase together. 

1. Install

There are two ways to install this module:

1. Install via composer

Run command: composer require bsscommerce/hyva-compat-base

*NOTE: This command is only run to the newest tag.

If you want to run complete code, run command: composer require --dev bsscommerce/hyva-compat-base:dev-master --prefer-source

2. Install via Github

- Clone app/code by http/ssh at    compat-base. Then, change the file name from hyva-compat-base-master to Bss. In addition, change src to Bss_HyvaCompatBase in Bss folder
- Download file Zip via Github and copy to app/code. Then, implement changing the name similar to the above.

2. Disable

Run command:
- php bin/magento module:disable Bss_HyvaCompatBase

3. Uninstall

Run composer remove bsscommerce/hyva-compat-base

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