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Why I should use Premium plan rather than Platinum one?

Premium ($50/month) is the highest plan with full features of the app.

Besides all features in our Pro plan, Plus plan, Platinum plan, you can also:

  • Completely Hide specific products from specific customers on target pages. Meanwhile, you can just hide product price and Add to cart button in Patinum plan. It will help if you want to show VIP products to VIP customers group only, for instance.
  • Require Passcode to see price of products on a page. Product image, description, other parts on the page are still showing to attract customers' attention while customers have the passcode can purchase. Thus, the admin can manage which customers to sell products at the hidden price.
  • Use Secret link to allow specific customers to be able to access a page. For example, the store owner can share the secret link to target customers of a marketing campaign.

Don't hesitate to try this plan as you will have 4-day free trial!

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