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How many ways are there to grant access to pages for specific customers?

There are 3 ways to give specific customers access to your private pages.

Option 1: Use the Passcode rule to set up a passcode for your page and send it to desired customers.

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Option 2: Use Secret Links feature.

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Option 3: Create a login form for the locked page(s) and allow only customers with tag(s) to access the page(s).

Step 1: Click Create Rule.

Step 2: Choose Status = Enable.

Step 3: Choose Rule Type = Force Login (Restrict customers to view content until they log in)

Step 4: Choose Applied Customers = Allow Customers by tag(s) 

You can add tag(s) to existing customers in Shopify Customers and they will be able to access the page.

With non-logged-in users, even when they create a new account to login, they won’t be able to access the page because they don’t have the tag(s). You can add a custom message directing them to contact you for approval and you can manually add tag(s) to their accounts. 

Step 5: Select applied products you want to hide.

Step 6 (Optional): Select the applied time span of the rule.

Step 7 (Optional): Enter the priority in case you have multiple rules applied to 1 object (products, customers,...)

Step 8: Click Save and wait for about 10 seconds to configs applied.

A drawback of this option is when you have a significant number of customers, manually adding tag(s) will be time-consuming. In this case, we recommend integrating with our B2B/Wholesale Solution app (from $25/mon) to manage your customers’ registrations more effectively.

✓ Expand Shopify Registration form with additional fields.

✓ Create different forms to classify customers at the same time.

✓ Check all registrations on the app and approve/decline the registrations.

Auto-add a tag for approved accounts so that they can login and see specific pages/prices.

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