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User Guide

1. Overview

Shopware 6 Show Customer Group Registration Link Extension allows displaying customer group sign-up link to collect customer info and classify target customers and segmentation.

2. How does it work?

  • Step 1: Enable plugin:

Go to My extension > Apps > Bss Show Link Register Form Plugin > Enable the plugin > Configuration.

enable Bss Show Link Register Form Plugin

  • Step 2: Setup displayed form link: 

Go to Setting > Shop > Customer Groups > Choose/ or add customer group.

Setup displayed form link

At “Customer group”:

  • Enable the plugin “Toggle registration form” to turn on this feature.
  • Enable the plugin “Show registration link on Sign up page” to display the signup form link on the frontend.

Enable Show registration link

At “Registration form”:

Type Title form and Introduction/SEO meta description (Optional)

custom Registration form

At “Link URLs”:

  • Choose sale channel at “Available Sales Channels” box.
  • Registration form link is in “Bss shop” box.

add registration url link

Save the change.

  • Result

Your checkout page (complete order page) will show your signup link.

registration form link in frontend

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