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How to add your Google's API Key to the app?

STEP 1: Create your first Google Cloud Console

STEP 2: Create a BILLING Account

Billing Account is a must-have If you want to use Google Maps Platform. But don't worry, Google provides $300 to spend on Google Cloud Platform over the next 12 months. A customer will not be auto charged after the trial ends.

  • Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  • Click the menu button and select Billing.
  • Set up your billing account.
    • If this is your first billing account, select Add billing account.
    • If you already have a billing account, select Manage billing accounts.
  • Select Create account, then follow the instructions to set up your next billing account.

STEP 3: Search and Enable these API

  • Distance Matrix API
  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Places API

STEP 4: Get API Access and enter it to the App

  • Select the menu button, then navigate to APIs and services.
  • Select Credentials.
  • Select Create Credentials, then select API Key.
  • Add this API Key to the app, under Your Google API Key
  • Select Save.

*Important Note to Secure Your API Key:
API keys are unique identifiers that allow you to connect to a specific service that an application program provides. Because these keys are unique to a specific user, it's important to always keep your API key safe and secure. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Google Maps Platform Console.
  2. Select Console
  3. Select Secure Credentials.
  4. Enter a name for your API key. (Help you to better determine which API key you're using for what service)
  5. Under "Application restrictions", select HTTP referrers (web sites)
  6. Enter your store URL in the following format:
    https://** (The asterisks allow you to reference any page on your site as a secured address for your API key)
  7. Save

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