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Why can’t I search in my Store Locator page?

If you’re at our Free plan and using your own Google API key, you might sometimes cope with problems like these.

“Why can’t I search in my Store Locator page?”, “I saved the API key, stores are all displayed but I could not search them?” This may be because your API settings are wrong, for example: your config is missing in Google Console, no billing setup, set restrict to all websites, etc. 

>>> Read more: How to add your Google's API Key to the app?

=> Please capture your API setup in Google Console and send it to us via sales@bsscommerce.com. We’ll respond to your issues as soon as possible and our technical team will help you fix them if there are any.

Or, you can upgrade to paid plans (Basic, Advanced and Platinum) and use our built-in API key for a smoother operation. 

Go to Pricing plan > Subscribe to one of the three paid plans. Thank you!

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