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Does the app automatically detect location of my stores?

IF you are on FREE plan, then our Store Locator app doesn't support auto location detection, either for creating new stores or import/exporting multiple store locations at once from CSV files.

You can either manually select the location for each store, or upgrade to our Paid plans (Basic, Advanced and Platinum) to use the auto detect location features for both created stores and import/export store locations.

Simply go to Pricing plan > Subscribe to one of the three Paid plans. Thank you!


Note: If your store location doesn't have the latitude and longitude (Lat and Lng) value upon creation, then the store won't appear on the list menu when your customers click on the search button and the store's marker doesn't show on map.

Therefore, please check the store location carefully if you can't find it in the frontend.

If your store still not showing up after enter the location values, please contact us for support.


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