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User Guide

1. Overview

Auto Invoice for Magento 2 extension allows automatic generation of invoices and shipments after customers’ orders are completed. Admin can save time and effort with the smart mechanism of auto-generation instead of manually creating invoice and shipment document in the backend. Moreover, the invoice and shipment confirmation emails are also automatically sent to customers.

2. How Does It Work?

Go to Admin Panel ⇒ Store ⇒ Settings ⇒ Configuration ⇒ BSS COMMERCE ⇒ Auto Invoice.

In Enabled, choose Yes to enable the extension or No to disable it.

enable Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension

2.1 Select payment method

In Select Payment Methods, select one, multiple or all payment methods to apply auto invoice/shipment generation.

bss magento 2 auto invoice

When a customer has successfully placed an order, this order has the order state as "new".

Based on the "new" order state and the selected payment method, Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension will automatically export the order invoice.

This means some online payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card...which create order state as "processing" and "pending payment" won't work for this logic of Auto Invoice for Magento 2 extension.


  • When customers use Amazon Pay with payment action Charge on Order, the module works as normal.
  • However if the payment actions is Charge on Shipment, request to create Invoice will get denied by Amazon. Hence, our module does not support this payment action.

NEW: The Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension is now:

  • Compatible with Klarna payment
  • Compatible with Paypal express method with action: Sale, Order, Authorize

2.2 Enable automatic invoice/shipment generation

select automatic invoice option

In Enable automatic invoice generation, choose Yes to enable the function then invoices will be generated automatically after orders are completed.

In Enable automatic shipment generation, choose Yes to enable the function then shipment will be generated automatically after orders are completed.

Remember that only when automatic invoice generation is enabled, can you enable automatic shipment generation.

2.3 Invoice/Shipment confirmation email

If you enable both the automatic invoice and shipment generations, your customers will receive 3 emails after ordering completely: Order confirmation, Invoice confirmation, and Shipment confirmation.

Magento 2 auto invoice emails

Check email samples as follow:

Invoice confirmation email

Magento 2 invoice confirmation email

Shipment confirmation email

Magento 2 shipment confirmation email

2.4 Select capture status for online payment methods

In the configuration panel, you can choose to the capture status up to 3 status:

  • Capture Online
  • Capture Offline
  • Not Capture

2.5 Create order shipment independent with order invoice

You can create order shipment independent with the order invoice within the backend configuration. This comes in handy when you want more flexible with your work flow.

For example: You allow customers to pay after they receive their order.

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