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Import Price with Data Flow

Step 1

Go to Admin ⇒ System ⇒ Import/Export ⇒ Dataflow ⇒ Profiles.

Step 2

Choose “Import All Products” in the Profile Name tab.

Step 3

  • Click to the Upload File section
  • Upload the CSV file that you want to import
  • Click to Save Files button

This is a sample file that you can take as a reference:

Download a Sample CSV file here: import_price_dataflow (copy).csv

You need to complete this CSV file with necessary information about products: store view codes, SKUs, prices, and special prices

You go to System ⇒ Manage Stores to get a store view code. For example, English store view has a code as default.

Step 4

  • Click to the Run Profiles section
  • Select the uploaded CSV file
  • Click to Run Profile in Popup button in order to import prices

Step 5

Finally, go to Catalog ⇒ Manage Products to check prices and special prices of products at each store view.

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