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How can I get your support?

Customers can contact for support by Email, sending Ticket or through our Live Chat. Please kindly understand all support request at weekend will be processed when we’re back to the office next Monday (GMT+7).

Email: sales@bsscommerce.com

BSSCommerce offers Free 1-year support for all customers when purchasing Magento extensions.

Live Chat

Please notice that we just provide support for only a domain for each purchasing time of customers.

Support includes answering any question related to our products and fixing any bug/error caused by our products which is reported by customers to make sure it works well as the demo version.

Support does not include customizing our product to fit your own needs; with any request for customization will require an extra fee.

Free support service is just applied to paid products. Please notice that we do not offer free support for free extensions, that means if customers ask for any kind of support for a free extension, there will be an extra fee for this kind of service.

There is a note that when you contact us for fixing bugs on your site, please provide us access to your website (including Admin account and FTP/SSH information) so that we are able to support you as soon as possible.

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