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Increase your revenue with our Partner Commission Program

BSS Commerce offers a wide range of Shopify Apps for both B2C and B2B businesses. As a fast-growing company, we hope to expand our partnerships with agencies globally via this Partner Commission Program. BSS Commerce is happy to share a 20% commission with our partners.

1. How to register?

Please kindly contact us at with your client store’s information. Our Support Team will work with you to establish a partnership shortly.

2. Payment Terms
  • You will receive a 20% commission from the app’s revenue that your clients have paid.
  • Commission count will start from the day of partnership establishment. 

For example: If your client subscribed on May 1 and the partnership is established on June 1, we will calculate commission from June 1.

  • Partners will receive a commission every 10th of January and July.
  • Payment will be made via Paypal.
3. Store Terms

Eligible stores must meet the following requirements:

  • Subscribe to a Shopify Paid Plan, i.e. Basic, Shopify, Advanced, etc.
  • Subscribe to a BSS Commerce’s App paid plan.
  • Prove that the agency has referred our app(s) or show that store is created with the agency's email.

Hopefully, this article has guided you well in becoming a crucial part of our business. Please do not hesitate to drop a line at or book a demo call at Select a Date & Time - Calendly . We are happy to help you with any queries.

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