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How to apply a discount code to Subscription Products?

NOTE: There are 2 types of discount

  • Discount Code: Fully supported by Shopify. You can create and manage discount code directly on Shopify Portal
  • Automatic Discount: Have not supported yet

Let me guide you through a simple example to set up "a discount percentage" for a specific product

Step 1:

Come to Shopify Admin -> Discounts -> Create Discount

Step 2:

Select Discount Code

Step 3:

Setting up your discount code rule

Step 4:

With Subscription Discount Code. You can choose to apply it to

  • Just first payment of your customer subscription
  • Multiple recurring payments. If you select this option, there will be another text box for you to enter the number of payments accepted discount code
  • All recurring payments

Step 5:

Go to our app, navigate to the selling plan section. You can edit the description as you want to notify your customers about the discount

Step 6:

Recheck on the frontend product page.

If you need any support, drop us a line on the Chat section or email via

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