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How to set up the Conditional Logic Options?

Conditional Logic is a feature that allows you to show/hide options based on the customer's previous selection.

Conditional Logic is available to Advanced Plan ($10/month) app users.

Check out our videos for more details:

You can also follow these steps to quickly setup Conditional Options:

Step 1: Create an option set with 2 options or more


Step 2: Select an option > click "Show Advanced Options" 


Step 3: In the Conditional Logic tab, please set up the rule:

  • You can Show/Hide this option conditionally
  • This option can be shown/hidden if all/any of these condition(s) match
  • For each condition, you can choose an option from the others and option values could be "is/is not/contains/does not contain"

Step 4: Save the option set & check it out

  • If customer selects "YES" in the previous option, an File Upload option will appear








  • If customer selects "NO", the File Upload option will disappear







If you have problem when setting up this feature, please feel free to reach us at sales@bsscommerce.com or Live Chat if you need any assistance.



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