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What are referrer, referee, rewards and some related terms?

In our context of referral programs for business:

Referral: The act or process of transferring something to another, of sending by reference, or referring.
Referrer (Brand Advocate/ Ambassador): a person who makes a referral/refers another (their friends, family and acquaintances).
Referee (Friend): a person who is invited to a referral/ referred by another.
Referral Programs: programs that are designed to specifically motivate the existing customers to help a business find new customers.
Viral Loop: a mechanism that has users refer others to a product or service and then turns those referees into referrers through the same mechanism.
Rewards: what participants in a referral program earn on successful completion of a referral.
Happy moment: the time when a referrer is most likely to make a referral due to a recent happy experience while using your product or service.


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