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How to assign Products to the subscription plan?

You can assign a product to any Subscription Plan right from our app-admin portal.

There are 2 ways to assign products

I. Assign through Subscriptions & Recurring App UI

Step 1:

Create your first Subscription Plan. Check this article

Step 2:

Enter your keyword to search, a popup will appear and let you multiple select

Step 3:

Select your products and click "Select"

Step 4:

Save your Subscription Plans. The products will get successfully added to the particular plan. Recheck on the product page, for example:

a) Public name

b) Plan selector title

c) Plan (Label Name)

d) Plan (Description)

f) Plan (Plan Name)


II. Assign through Shopify Product management

Step 1: Go to your product you want to add a subscription plan

Step 2: Select "Add Option" to add a subscription plan
  • Add your existing option or create a new one
  • In case you need your customers only purchase as a subscription, just tick on the tickbox
  • Remove or edit your plan from the extension

Step 3: Enter simple information to create a subscription plan

Step 4: Click "Create Plan" to complete and recheck on the storefront
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