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3. How can I get support for the theme?

If you have any question or issues regarding our theme(s), please contact us via either of the two following ways:
1. Send us an email to support@omnithemes.com
2. Create a ticket on Partner Portal with the below steps:

Fill in the Name and Email address to let us know how to refer and contact back to you. 

In Subject text field, fill in the subject for the ticket 

In Which is your website's platform? dropdown, choose 'Shopify', then go to the dependent dropdown to choose 'Shopify Theme'.

In Store URL field, kindly fill in your store link in (optional)

In What's this about? dropdown, identify the type of issues you have encountered.

In Priority dropdown, please choose the level of urgency the issue is to you.

In Please describe your issues in detail field, describe your issues or requests.

In Attachment, you can add attachments (images/files) to help us better understand your issues.

After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation email to notify that our support agents have received your request, and will support you promptly.

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