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How to add your Google's API Key to the app?

STEP 1: Create your first Google Cloud Console

STEP 2: Create a BILLING Account

Billing Account is a must-have If you want to use Google Maps Platform. But don't worry, Google provides $300 to spend on Google Cloud Platform over the next 12 months. A customer will not be auto charged after the trial ends.

  • Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  • Click the menu button and select Billing.
  • Set up your billing account.
    • If this is your first billing account, select Add billing account.
    • If you already have a billing account, select Manage billing accounts.
  • Select Create account, then follow the instructions to set up your next billing account.

STEP 3: Search and Enable these API

  • Distance Matrix API
  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Places API

STEP 4: Get API Access and enter it to the App

  • Select the menu button, then navigate to APIs and services.
  • Select Credentials.
  • Select Create Credentials, then select API Key.
  • Add this API Key to the app, under Your Google API Key
  • Select Save.

*Important Note to Secure Your API Key: API keys are unique identifiers that allow you to connect to a specific service that an application program provides. Because these keys are unique to a specific user, it's important to always keep your API key safe and secure.

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