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How do I choose what visitors can see on a specific page?

You can decide what your visitors can see on a specific page as following:

✓ Access page and see login form/passcode form: You can restrict customers’ access by creating a login form/passcode for a page, therefore, depending on your chosen conditions, restricted customers will only see login form/passcode form when accessing the page.

✓ See products but hide price and hide/show Add to cart button: In case you want to introduce your products but don’t want everyone to know their prices or freely add items to cart, you can use our Login to see price/Passcode to view price features to do so.

✓ Access page and cannot see the restricted product(s): Customers when accessing the page won’t be able to see product(s) that you chose to hide, they need to login or be tagged by you to view restricted product(s). You can use our Hide products/Secret links features to do so.

Learn more about which features are available on different pricing plans, also visit our demo store for a full experience of our features. 

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