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How to hide products?

This feature is available on Premium plan ($50/mon), which you can ask your customers to login to see products. 

Step 1: Choose Rule Type = Hide Products 

Step 2: Choose Status = Enable

Step 3: Install the "Hide Product" feature.

Step 4: Select Action:

- Hide product(s) on pages: select applied pages you want to hide applied products

- If customers go to the hidden URL(s), redirect them to any pages you want with Home Page or Custom Page.

Step 5: Choose Applied Customers

- Restrict all visitors: All non-logged-in visitors are prevented from seeing products. Then, they must login or create an account.

- Allow logged-in customers: Only logged-in customers can see hidden products.

- Allow customers by tag(s): Just those customers with the allowed tags can see hidden products.

Step 6:  Select Specific Product(s), collection(s), page(s) for your restricted need.

Step 7 (Optional): Select the applied time span of the rule.

Step 8 (Optional): Enter the priority in case you have multiple rules applied to 1 object (products, customers,...) The higher priority will be applied.

Step 9: Click Save and wait for about 10 seconds to configs applied.

You can try our demo store to see how Hide Products feature works.

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