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How to use FREE B2B Login Access Management app?

The FREE plan is suggested if you want to keep your website completely private from non-logged-in customers.

When you install the app, it will be Enabled by default. You can start creating the rule to start using the app.

1. Create The Rule

Force Login rule means non-logged-in customers will have to create an account and log in to see the content

On the left panel, choose Force Login and Create rule.

The setting is extremely easy to follow:

1.1. Enable the rule

1.2. Set Rule setup = Custom Text & Force Login

Instead of showing the pages' content, it will show the message and the form set as above.

You can choose among three options available:

  • Custom content message
  • Login Form
  • Custom content message and Login form - recommended.

We would recommend the last option since you can show the Login form directly to customers and set up the redirection after they log in successfully:

  • Account Dashboard - My Account Page of Shopify Default
  • Custom Page - a specific URL path. For example: /collections/all
  • Restricted Page - the locked page the visitors are trying to access.

1.3. Choose Types of Pages to Lock

In the FREE plan, you cannot choose specific pages' URLs, but you can only lock the page types:

  • Homepage
  • All Product Pages
  • All Collection Pages
  • All Search Pages
  • All Blog Articles
  • All Custom Pages
  • Cart Page
  • List of Collections

2. Check Frontend

In the storefront, the message and the login form will be shown as follow:

In the free plan, everyone who clicks "Create Account" and completes the registration form can get access to the page(s), though.

We would suggest the B2B/Wholesale Solution: Essential Plan ($25/mon) to review all registrations and approve/access them.

3. How to Uninstall The App Without Leftover Code?

3.1. Uninstall the app automatically

Before deciding to uninstall, please send us a message via sales@bsscommerce.com or Live Chat regarding your issue(s) so that we can provide solutions from our side and keep you stay with us. We’re trying our best to build a product that will help your business operate effectively and efficiently, therefore, any feedback will be much appreciated.

However, if you’ve made up your mind, please follow these steps to uninstall the app properly to avoid leftover code on your store that will keep the pages locked.

Thus, please go to Apps ⇒ B2B Login Access Management.

However, if you’ve made up your mind, please follow these steps to uninstall the app properly to avoid any hassle. 

Go to B2B Login Access Management app > A banner “App is ENABLED on your store. To stop all functions, please click DISABLE NOW."

In case you need to remove all codes from the theme, please click HERE before uninstallation” > Click Here > Click Restore > Go back to Shopify Apps > Click Delete the app.

3.2. Uninstall the app manually

Besides using the Restore all previous settings button in the admin, you can also remove the app manually as follows:

Step 1: Go to Themes Folder

Step 2: Open layout/theme.liquid file.

Then find and remove the following code

{% include 'login_require' %}

Step 3: Finally, find and remove the following files

login_require.liquid in Snippets folder

bsscommerce-passcode.liquid in Snippets folder

tiny.content.min.css in Assets folder

Once you remove the file as above, your uninstallation is completed. Please refresh the storefront to check the result. If your uninstallation is successful, users will no longer be restricted from accessing any pages.

Need help? Please email us at sales@bsscommerce.com or send a message via Live Chat.

In case you plan o build a Shopify website with all of the B2B features, our experts are here to support you. Our Shopify B2B Login Access Management App is also included in our service. Let's see what we can do >>

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