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How to remove leftover code of the Login to Access Pages app?

In case you already uninstalled the app but the login page or passcode page is still there, then you might have uninstalled improperly. Most of the time, you forget to choose "Restore all previous settings."

No worries, follow either of the two following methods to remove all leftover code.

1. Go to the theme and remove code

Step 1: Go to Themes Folder

Step 2: Open layout/theme.liquid file.

Then find and remove the following code

{% include 'login_require' %}

Step 3: Finally, find and remove the following files

login_require.liquid in Snippets folder

bsscommerce-passcode.liquid in Snippets folder

tiny.content.min.css in Assets folder

Once you remove the file as above, your uninstallation is completed. Please refresh the storefront to check the result. If your uninstallation is successful, users will no longer be restricted from accessing any pages.

2. Reinstall the FREE version and try restoring the app again.

Go to the app:

Step 1: Select Restore all previous settings.

In the popup, choose Restore: After that, you will be redirected to the App list.

Step 2: Select “Delete” icon (the trash)

Step 3: Remove the app

If you need further help, please email us at

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