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How to hide prices for products?

Yes, please use the Platinum plan ($25/mon) to do so.

You can:

  • Hide prices and hide Add to Cart on specific products and for customer tags
  • Or, show prices and hide Add to Cart as your demands: quote submit, non-available products.
  • Fully compatible with our new app B2B Solution - Custom Pricing => Login to See Customizable Prices for Specific Groups of Customers.

Please follow:

1. Checking the compatibility between the app and the theme.

When you install the app for the first time and want to use the Login to See Prices feature, you are required to verify the theme compatibility in advance.

The reason is, our app inserts some Script Tag to your theme rather than directly edit it so the app can detect the price patterns in the theme. Thus, by completing three simple steps, we ensure that our app works flawlessly on your website.

In case you have any problem with the theme, please contact us at to discuss further. Do not try to create a Login to See Prices rule or you might come across errors.

2. Enable the app

Please follow:

In Enable App, select Yes to enable “Plus Login to Access Pages” functionality or No to disable it. Remember to save your configuration.

3. Create "Login to See Price" rules

Let’s start creating your own rule.

Under Rule Management, select “Create Rule.

3.1 Rule Information

Under Rule Management:

  • In Rule Name, enter a name to help manage the rule more easily.
  • In Status, select Yes to activate the rule. Otherwise, select No.
  • In Date, pick a time period in the calendar to apply the rule in the storefront.
  • In Rule Type, select Login to See Prices.
  • In Priority, enter a number to classify the priority of the rule in case there are several rules applied to a product, collection, or page. 1 is the highest priority.

In Rule Setup:

  • Set the Action to Hide price and Add to cart. Then, tailor a message to inform customers how to get the prices.
  • In case you want to add a link to the message, please use the sample as follows:
Please <u> <a href='' target='_blank'>login to!@#</a>  </u>to see prices.
  • Otherwise, set the Action to Show price and Hide Add to cart.

Also, choose to Apply to Customers and Products as above.

In the storefront, the price will be hidden/shown as your settings.

Hide prices and Add to Cart


Show price and Hide Add to Cart

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