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How to install/subscribe to a 14-day FREE Trial plan of the B2B Solution app?

After you add the B2B Solution app, kindly spend time backing-up and checking the compatibility between the theme and the code before you decide to subscribe to the 14-day FREE Trial plan.

Why is this process important?

Our app inserts some Script Tag to your theme rather than directly edit it so the app can detect the price patterns in the theme. Thus, by completing some simple steps, we ensure that our app works flawlessly on your website.

From your end, you will:

  • Be proactive in settings the custom prices as wished
  • Have our technical team support you as soon as possible
  • Be better safe than sorry

1. Backing Up Your Theme

Please go to Admin Panel => Online Store => Themes. Expand the Actions and choose Duplicate the theme. The copy of the theme will be saved on the Theme library so that you can republish the theme if needed.

2. Check Theme Compatibility

Next, follow three steps to check the compatibility between the app and the theme so you can decide whether to install the B2B Solution to your website.

Go to the Apps => B2B Solution => Installation => Scan theme now and wait for some seconds to get the result.

  • 55 - 65: Congratulate! The app will work flawlessly in your theme.
  • 40 - 55: There might be some features that fail to work properly. For example, the price is not detected accurately on collections, variants, etc.
  • 25 - 40: You might need some interference from our experts
  • 0 - 25: You should contact us in advance before you install the app

Any questions, kindly contact us at

3. Install the B2B Solution Scrip Tag to Your Theme

If the score is within 55 and 65, you can directly install the Script Tag and start using the features of the B2B Solution app.

4. Subscribe to The 14-day FREE Trial

Even when you installed the Script Tag of the B2B Solution, the app will only work when you subscribe to the FREE Trial plan. You can cancel the plan and remove the app without worries about the extra fee or leftover code.

Ready to subscribe?

Go to Pricing Plans => Subscribe to Essential Plan. Then, you can start setting the very first custom pricing rules.

You can set up different prices for a product based on the customers/customer tags.

Say, those with the wholesale tag can see the wholesale prices and those who do not have the tag will see the normal prices.

The app is fully compatible with our new app Login to Access Pages & Prices => Login to See Customizable Prices for Specific Groups of Customers.


5. Uninstall the app

Our app uses the Script Tag technique instead of modifying any codes in the theme. That way, the app will not create additional coupon code nor duplicate content to your website.

If you want to uninstall the app, please go to Apps => B2B Solution - Custom Pricing.

Moreover, when you uninstall the app, the code will no longer be active.

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