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How to buy a Magento extension on bsscommerce.com?

1. Purchase process

Step 1:

Choose your wanted extension with edition and quantity and then Click “Add to cart” button.


Step 2:

Check again the extension along with quantity and total amount in the shopping cart page.

  • You can edit your purchase by clicking Edit and then Click Update Shopping Cart. If you want to continue shopping, please click to “Continue Shopping” to come back our Homepage.
  • Enter discount code if you are provided.
  • After that, please click “Proceed to Checkout” button to redirect to the checkout page.

Step 3:

  • Fulfill all required information in the Name & Address section
  • Enter discount code if you have not yet used it in the shopping cart
  • Review your order carefully
  • Click “Place Order” button

Step 4:

After you click “Place Order” button, you will be redirected to PayPal website to complete your payment here.

2. Payment

We provide customers with PayPal as our payment method to purchase extensions from our site.

3. Invoices

After you finish your payment, the invoice will be sent to your email with order information.

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