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User Guide

1. Overview

Magento Cart Comment extension enables store online owners to add a comment box for customers to leave comments, special instruction or request while ordering any products. Cart Comment Magento Extension is a useful extension that effectively increases customers’ satisfaction and helps Store Online to deal with customer service better.

2. How Does It Work?

  • A better customer service

When your competitors are all ready for preparing the good strategy to attract customers, you need to prepare yourself much more than that. Your customer service will definitely affect your reputation and your sale as well.

With Cart Comment, customers can leave comments on request, especially instruction, which better interaction between sellers and buyers. Sellers can give instant respond and help to solve when it runs into any problem and as a result, buyers will be more satisfied with this kind of service.

customer can leave comment in the shopping cart

  • A highlight for the next choice of them

When Customers re-buy the services or products on your website, you already have their feedback and comment on your product then can easily drive their next choice of purchasing. Cart Comment Extension allows customers to save all comment to order then admin can check regularly and provide the best delivery

When a buyer leaves a comment, it will be seen like this:

save all customer cart comment in grid for better tracking

  • A user-friendly interface

Cart Comment Magento Extension provides a responsive banner extension in Magento combines with different banner styles. You also can easily configure from the backend, enable or disable this extension from admin panel management and it’s totally well-compatible with all Magento themes.

just enable Magento cart comment extension and all will work

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